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Risk Assessments

Pakistan, though an attractive destination for business and investment is viewed sometimes, by investors with ill conceived notion of security environment. Major reason behind this distrust is misreporting by media and elements with vested interests. We keep a close eye on multiple risks related incident like street crime, road blocks due to protests/demonstrations and general risks in order to keep visitors guided for the save travel/visits. However, our philosophy of Risk Management motivates us to convert these risks into opportunities for our clients


FRQ CONSULTANTS enables its clients to work comfortable during challenges that may arise due to a possible eventuality.

We provide our clients premium security services which allow them to focus on their core businesses without worrying about security risks. Our services in Risk Management are based on global practices which are designed to suit the needs of various clients including local and expat travellers.


FRQ CONSULTANTS's Risk management process starts with professional identification and assessment of relevant risks, in anticipation. Risk Monitoring and Incident Recording mechanisms enables us to keep an eye on risks arising from security and H&S; issues. This enables us in pro-active risk management.